Atlante Capital Partners (“Atlante”) is a financial advisor focused on unlocking value from illiquid private equity and debt portfolios and distressed corporates in emerging markets.  We bring a successful track record of creative, hands-on portfolio and asset restructurings and exits from highly complex situations in a variety of sectors, underpinned by deal structuring, investment experience and an extensive professional network.


We thrive in challenging situations where value is difficult to capture but conditions are conducive to generating significant returns.  Our approach is hands-on, operational and focused on maximizing value and unlocking liquidity in the shortest timeframe from distressed debt and equity portfolios.  We focus on an individual asset basis to generate value and liquidity across the capital structure and business segments of each investment.

We unlock value independently of a distressed macro-environment.  Our approach focusses on resolving specific distressed situations found in any industry, sector or individual company at any point of the business cycle.

We believe that striving to incorporate the strongest possible environmental protections and social and governance practices in what we do is not only socially responsible, but is also indispensable to the stability and long-term value of our clients’ investments.

We build long-term relationships with our clients by focusing on timely delivery and aligning our compensation arrangements with their returns.